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Monday, August 12, 2002

Speaking of Jhonen, I saw him at Comic Con on August 2nd and 3rd! I talked to him SIX times! Woo! He even remembered me. Oh, and my friend Heather, that I went with, went back on Sunday (I couldn't go cuz I was goin' to Hume Lake) and she said hi to Jhonen for me, and he remembered me (when she said I was the girl with really long hair who talked to him like a billion times, lol) and he told her to tell me he said "Hellooooooooo C.J.!" It is happy. :D Hmm... OH YES! I got a CELL PHONE yestuhday! Woo! It has an IZ (Invader Zim) face plate! My dad got me the face plate while I was at Hume Lake. I can't believe I like this thingy so much (this online journally thingy), lol, well, I guess I can, cuz I'm me, but...nevermind, lol. OH! If my lol's bug me, too bad! Deal with it! I like using lol, and there's nothing you can do about it! yeah...lol, I don't like say it to annoy people or anything, I just use it, I just felt like writing that cuz my friend doesn't gets annoyed by it sometimes. Yup. OH! One more thing about my cell phone! It has the Gilligan's Island theme song as it's ring! Is that cool or WHAT?! I got it off the internet for 99 CENTS!!! Woo yeah!
I think I'm done writing now. But I'm probably not. I'll probably write more in like a minute, lol.


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