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Monday, August 12, 2002

Oh, she's gonna leave. :( She is mah best friend. But she moved to Maryland, so now I don't have friends. But then, I talked to Taylor last night (she lives next door to me), and Stephanie came over today (we hadn't been hanging out recently, cuz she was on a trip in Europe). So, I guess I do have a couple friends, and now I know people at church (I met them at Hume Lake, before I only knew Sarah, and she's gone now). At least I can still talk to Sarah. ... Sarah just left. I'm chatting with Taylor now. Hmm...most of the friends I have are online. Like Fro! Fro is my friend! She's one of my best friends actually. I met her on the internet last year. Woah. In a couple months it'll have been a year. That's weird seeming. She's supposed to come visit me sometime soon. I can't wait, it's gonna be so fun! :D Back to Tay. Katie G. Is at her house. Yargh, I'm not gonna narrate the chat. Thats dumb, lol.Yargh, now all I can think of to say is like what we're chatting about, lol. Uuhhh. This is getting kinda boring now that I don't have anything to say. I think I'll stop now. But I'm sure I'll update it soon, cuz I'm on the internet all the time. Yup. Bye!
Woah, I almost lost this post, that would have been really uncool, but I didn't so all is well. Bye!


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