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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

DARNIT!!!!!! I LOST MY POST!!! ARGH!!!!!! This makes me mad. Heh, it's kinda funny, the post I lost talked about how good of a day this was. I made a very pretty noise when I realized my post was lost, lol. Darnit, the worst part is I had copied the post incase this happened, but then I figured it wouldn't and I copied something else. Ok, well, lets see, I talked about how this has been a good day, which it has, then I talked about how Jhonen was cyoot when he said "woo!" high pitchedly, lol. Then I talked about how it reminded me of the X-Files episode where Mulder makes a high pitched scream. Then I said I liked the song David Duchovny. Oh, somewhere in there I said I love to sing. Um..hmm... What else? Oh, I was trying to put the picture of me and Jhonen on here. I'll try to post this, then put it on.


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