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Thursday, August 15, 2002

HOLA! Today I went shopping YET AGAIN! woo! :D I went to lunch with Michelle (my counselor from Hume Lake) and a girl named Alisha who goes to CABC (College Avenue Baptist Church, which is the church I go to). At Hume Michelle had told me I reminded her of Alisha and that we should hang out. (I didn't know Alisha then). THEREFORE! We all hung out today! :D First we went to lunch at a little Mexican place across the street from the church. (some other peeps came to lunch with us too). Then the three of us went shopping. First we went to a couple thrift stores (at which I got a cool little red Target shirt that I think I'll wear over my shirt wit 'de fishnet sleeves). SPEAKING OF FISHNET SLEEVES! I wore that shirt today along with the black kinda sweatpant pants I got yesterday! :D After we went to the thrift stores, we went to Parkway Plaza which is a mally thingy. There was a Michaels next to it and I got fake leaves! woo yeah! :D In the mall there was a Hot Topic. In ht I got an IZ poster AND a Gir wallet cuz I haven't been able to find my wallet (I'm so organized, LOL!). When the day was over I had 18 cents left, lol. I started with about $40. But I mean before I went shopping I had to pay my mom back $12, so I only spent about $28 shopping today. Oh well, maybe I'll finally clean my room now. (it's really messy, so my parents have offered me things to get me to clean it, one of which is money, lol :D). OH! When we were in one of the stores, Michelle told me that people have been quoting something that I said at Hume (I feel so special! :D). What they've been quoting was, "The most painful words of the night were, 'Let me recap.'" LOL!!! You had to be at Hume to get it, lol. :D Well, despite what I put last night, both yesterday and today were good days. :D Yup! Well, I think I'll sleep now. Bye!


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