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Saturday, August 17, 2002

hehe! Hello! Today I watched tons of IZ ep's, went to Ellen's little going away party thingy, and chatted with peoples. Woo! Ellen's thing was fun. :D Oh, Mouse (a girl I met at Comic Con) told me about a cool online rpg. :D I'm tryin' to join it. I just hafta wait for my email con passwordy doom to come. If it doesn't come, she's gonna just let me use one o' her accounts. Hopefully my doomy email will come. :D Well, I kinda feel like writing more, but then I kinda don't. This is what I said to Sarah in chatting a minute ago, "ugh, I feel like sleeping, writing, drawing, and chatting, all at once, " lol. Yup. Weeeeeeeeell. I think I'll go. I really should get sleep so I can get over this cold. Plus, it's 3 in the morning Sarah's time anywho. So, I think I'll probably go. Bye!
Oh yeah, by today I meant Friday.


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