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Saturday, August 24, 2002

HI!!! I AM TALKING TO SARAH ON THE PHONE! IT IS HAPPY!!! :D I did stuff with Stephanie today! It was fun! We went shopping for party stuff, cuz her b-day PARTAY is tomorrow (her b-day isn't 'til September 21st or something thougth). OH! While we were shopping we went to Party City, and there I got a long red haired wig. It gonna be for my Poison Ivy Costume. It's great. I would put a pic on here, but nlsdjfowjf, it don't work through myfamily.com, and that's what I'd put it on through, so you'll all have to live in wonder. Anywho, then, after we went shopping, we stopped back at my house, then we went back to her house. (I'm not talking to Sarah anymore). *Oops! I forgot I had this open! It's probably been like a half hour or an hour or something, lol.* So, anywho, then when I went to Stephanie's we but party gift bags together and watched IZ. I HAVE OPENED STEPHANIE'S EYES TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD THAT IS INVADER ZIM! :D We said "COME BACK! YOU'RE NOT A FREAK! YOU'RE JUST STUPID!!!" sooooooo many times tonight, lol. Stephanie loves Zim now. She NEEDS to chat with Katie! LOL! :D Well, I'm gonna go now, cuz Sarah left. (we had been chatting.) Yup. So, bye!

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Hi! Sorry I haven't written in a couple days. (not that there's anyone reading this anyways). Well, I've joined the rpg thing. It's called Metropolis, it's really fun. :D I lurv it! LOL! :D Well, hmm...now that I'm finally writing in here, I can't think of anything to say, lol. Oh, I watched Camelot tonight. That's really not a very pleasant story. I'm gonna sing The Simple Joys of Maidenhood from it for the Tour Group auditions (it's a singing group at skool, they's really good). I hope I get in. Blar dee dar. I am really bored. Maybe I should just go to bed, but then it's only about 11, not even, it's 10:56pm if you want to be precise. Not that I do, but oh well, whatever. Narf, I don't know if I want to just sit here or go to bed. I really don't know what I want to do. I guess I don't really want to do either one. Yargh, I'm gonna go do something, lol. Bye!