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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wazzup mah homies?
Why does the first thing out of my fingers always yearn to turn ghetto? I guess I'll never know. Oh well. So, I'm back up here in Irvine again and I'm kind of upset that we had to start classes again. I'm glad I was able to get into the writing class, but not so glad about the 4-5 page paper do Monday after only one class. I don't really want to do all my writing homework yet, so maybe I'll go see if Leslie wants to go shopping for a more interesting form of procrastination than just sitting on my computer which is what I've been doing for a while now. I can't wait for episode 1.13 of Veronica Mars! I really hope you'll be able to see me, it'll be sooo awesome.
I was sad to leave Coronado, but also happy to be back here. But I think I might like it more in Coronado now. I have friends in both places, but Coronado has Brent, family, extra jobs on Veronica Mars, and no school or homework. While UCI has school and homework. So even though dorm life, friends, and independence are fun, I think I'd rather have option A. Oh well, my life isn't reeeeally isn't that bad, so I should just stop complaining now. I've just felt a little depressedish since I got back here. I don't want to hang out with lots of people, they just annoy me and I isolate myself. I'd rather be with just a couple people. Plus big groups of people take so much time, they're so slow and it really annoys me. Waiting for people really shouldn't annoy me that much.
I feel like Brent. Whenever I'm down there with him, he doesn't want to hang out with big groups and I'm always like, 'no, come on, it'll be fun.' But when I'm up here, it's like I switch roles or something. Well, I think I've gone on long and personal enough for one entry.
Buh-bye buddies.