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Saturday, August 17, 2002

hehe! Hello! Today I watched tons of IZ ep's, went to Ellen's little going away party thingy, and chatted with peoples. Woo! Ellen's thing was fun. :D Oh, Mouse (a girl I met at Comic Con) told me about a cool online rpg. :D I'm tryin' to join it. I just hafta wait for my email con passwordy doom to come. If it doesn't come, she's gonna just let me use one o' her accounts. Hopefully my doomy email will come. :D Well, I kinda feel like writing more, but then I kinda don't. This is what I said to Sarah in chatting a minute ago, "ugh, I feel like sleeping, writing, drawing, and chatting, all at once, " lol. Yup. Weeeeeeeeell. I think I'll go. I really should get sleep so I can get over this cold. Plus, it's 3 in the morning Sarah's time anywho. So, I think I'll probably go. Bye!
Oh yeah, by today I meant Friday.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

HOLA! Today I went shopping YET AGAIN! woo! :D I went to lunch with Michelle (my counselor from Hume Lake) and a girl named Alisha who goes to CABC (College Avenue Baptist Church, which is the church I go to). At Hume Michelle had told me I reminded her of Alisha and that we should hang out. (I didn't know Alisha then). THEREFORE! We all hung out today! :D First we went to lunch at a little Mexican place across the street from the church. (some other peeps came to lunch with us too). Then the three of us went shopping. First we went to a couple thrift stores (at which I got a cool little red Target shirt that I think I'll wear over my shirt wit 'de fishnet sleeves). SPEAKING OF FISHNET SLEEVES! I wore that shirt today along with the black kinda sweatpant pants I got yesterday! :D After we went to the thrift stores, we went to Parkway Plaza which is a mally thingy. There was a Michaels next to it and I got fake leaves! woo yeah! :D In the mall there was a Hot Topic. In ht I got an IZ poster AND a Gir wallet cuz I haven't been able to find my wallet (I'm so organized, LOL!). When the day was over I had 18 cents left, lol. I started with about $40. But I mean before I went shopping I had to pay my mom back $12, so I only spent about $28 shopping today. Oh well, maybe I'll finally clean my room now. (it's really messy, so my parents have offered me things to get me to clean it, one of which is money, lol :D). OH! When we were in one of the stores, Michelle told me that people have been quoting something that I said at Hume (I feel so special! :D). What they've been quoting was, "The most painful words of the night were, 'Let me recap.'" LOL!!! You had to be at Hume to get it, lol. :D Well, despite what I put last night, both yesterday and today were good days. :D Yup! Well, I think I'll sleep now. Bye!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Narf, I can't post it, cuz I was trying to post it from myfamily.com. Narf. Oh well.
DARNIT!!!!!! I LOST MY POST!!! ARGH!!!!!! This makes me mad. Heh, it's kinda funny, the post I lost talked about how good of a day this was. I made a very pretty noise when I realized my post was lost, lol. Darnit, the worst part is I had copied the post incase this happened, but then I figured it wouldn't and I copied something else. Ok, well, lets see, I talked about how this has been a good day, which it has, then I talked about how Jhonen was cyoot when he said "woo!" high pitchedly, lol. Then I talked about how it reminded me of the X-Files episode where Mulder makes a high pitched scream. Then I said I liked the song David Duchovny. Oh, somewhere in there I said I love to sing. Um..hmm... What else? Oh, I was trying to put the picture of me and Jhonen on here. I'll try to post this, then put it on.
HOLA! Today I went shopping! It was fun! YAY! FRO JUST CAME ON! Oh, I gotta go to dinner. Well, I got cool stuff today. Bye!

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Narfness. I'm trying to look at the Michaels site for fake leaves for my Poison Ivy costume, but it's going reeeeeeeeeeally slooooooooooooooow. Oh well. Great. Now my parents are spazzing out because I acknowledged that my cousin was gonna leave (I had been chatting with her) while my dad said something. It's like, come on, all I did was acknowledge that she was gonna leave, last time I checked, that wasn't a federal offense. Oh well. I'm gonna go play bass or something. Oh yeah, the website didn't work. bYe.
Yo ha! Bro ha! I just got back from picking up the Hume Lake pics. I feel like going shopping. Like for costume pieces for Poison Ivy or for skool stuff or for both or something. We're gonna eat lunch soon. I'll probably update this a whole lot. Cuz I'm on the internet a whole lot. This will give me something to do in the times when there's no one on to chat with. I wish Fro would come on. Or Sarah. Or Katie. But I want to ask Fro when she's gonna come out here. So I wanna talk to her. I'm gonna eat lunch now.
Hola! I just got back from registering for skool. ... uuuhhhhhh. It took a long time cuz we couldn't find papers and stuff. I have Heartbreak Hotel stuck in my head. Blargh. I'm gonna stop writing this now. ... FOR NOW!

Monday, August 12, 2002

Oh, she's gonna leave. :( She is mah best friend. But she moved to Maryland, so now I don't have friends. But then, I talked to Taylor last night (she lives next door to me), and Stephanie came over today (we hadn't been hanging out recently, cuz she was on a trip in Europe). So, I guess I do have a couple friends, and now I know people at church (I met them at Hume Lake, before I only knew Sarah, and she's gone now). At least I can still talk to Sarah. ... Sarah just left. I'm chatting with Taylor now. Hmm...most of the friends I have are online. Like Fro! Fro is my friend! She's one of my best friends actually. I met her on the internet last year. Woah. In a couple months it'll have been a year. That's weird seeming. She's supposed to come visit me sometime soon. I can't wait, it's gonna be so fun! :D Back to Tay. Katie G. Is at her house. Yargh, I'm not gonna narrate the chat. Thats dumb, lol.Yargh, now all I can think of to say is like what we're chatting about, lol. Uuhhh. This is getting kinda boring now that I don't have anything to say. I think I'll stop now. But I'm sure I'll update it soon, cuz I'm on the internet all the time. Yup. Bye!
Woah, I almost lost this post, that would have been really uncool, but I didn't so all is well. Bye!
The main reason I wanted to change it was cuz I wanted one of those linky thingys on the side, oh well. It don't matter that much anyways. :D Why did I...jsdf wesf d. I don't understand sometimes. Don't ask me what I don't understand, cuz then I'd understand part of it...oh nevermind, lol. I'm just a freak. :D Yes, that is a big smile, and yes, it goes with the statement that I'm a freak. Oh, if somehow you've come across this, and you're someone I don't know, then feel free to email me at cj1687@hotmail.com, or im me, my aim is I am da blender. So yes, go frolic in the sunshine. I have no brain, but it's fun. It makes life so much more...full...yeah...lol. :D
I'm chatting with Sarah right now!
Nevermind, I like the other one better.
I'm changing the template!
Speaking of Jhonen, I saw him at Comic Con on August 2nd and 3rd! I talked to him SIX times! Woo! He even remembered me. Oh, and my friend Heather, that I went with, went back on Sunday (I couldn't go cuz I was goin' to Hume Lake) and she said hi to Jhonen for me, and he remembered me (when she said I was the girl with really long hair who talked to him like a billion times, lol) and he told her to tell me he said "Hellooooooooo C.J.!" It is happy. :D Hmm... OH YES! I got a CELL PHONE yestuhday! Woo! It has an IZ (Invader Zim) face plate! My dad got me the face plate while I was at Hume Lake. I can't believe I like this thingy so much (this online journally thingy), lol, well, I guess I can, cuz I'm me, but...nevermind, lol. OH! If my lol's bug me, too bad! Deal with it! I like using lol, and there's nothing you can do about it! yeah...lol, I don't like say it to annoy people or anything, I just use it, I just felt like writing that cuz my friend doesn't gets annoyed by it sometimes. Yup. OH! One more thing about my cell phone! It has the Gilligan's Island theme song as it's ring! Is that cool or WHAT?! I got it off the internet for 99 CENTS!!! Woo yeah!
I think I'm done writing now. But I'm probably not. I'll probably write more in like a minute, lol.
Hey, I guess this is an ok idea after all. :) Yup. Michelle, the lady who was my couselor at Hume Lake last week, is supposed to call me about me and her and another girl that is supposedly like me all hanging out tomorrow. I don't know when she's gonna call. But I assume it'll be tomorrow, lol. Oh yeah, there are a couple things I'll tell you about me. One: I'm a Christian. Two: I'm a HUGE fan of Invader Zim and Jhonen Vasquez. Yop. Those are factoids about me. I'm sure you REALLY wanted to know them.
Oh! Today Stephanie came over! She's my friend. We decided we want to get a bunch of people together and all dress up as Batman character for Halloween! It's gonna be fun! Woo! I'm gonna be Poison Ivy, and she's gonna be Batgirl. We thought up a bunch of other people we want to be other characters, but you won't know who the people are anyways, so I won't. But then, the only person who might read this is Sarah, and she'd know who they are, but oh well, I don't feel like typing it.
I'll probably go register for skool tomorrow. Ugh. I don't like skool. It's evil. I really don't like it.
Hi. My friend made a journally bloggy thingy, so I thought I would too. I've been thinking about getting an online journal anyways. Come to think of it, I really don't know why I made this. Nobody cares, and I write in my normal journal anyways, so what's the point? Besides, if I wrote stuff like I do in my normal journal, it would talk about other people too, and then they would be able to read it, and then...yeah. So like I said, what's the point? I'm normally not this...I dunno...maybe I am...do I make any sense? no. What's wrong with me? Lots of things. Oh yeah. Yargh, this is dumb, lol. Well, oh well!